Church of God in Christ, Inc.

"Understanding Bible Doctrine As Taught In The
Church of God in Christ"


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Canadian/Michigan Jurisdiction Bishop Elton A. Lawrence Detroit
Michigan, Great Lakes First Jurisdiction Bishop Michael E. Hill, Sr. Detroit
Michigan, Great Lakes Second Jurisdiction Bishop Alfred M. Smith Detroit
Michigan, North Central Jurisdiction Bishop J. Drew Sheard Flint
Michigan, Northeast - Historic First Jurisdiction Bishop Phillip A. Brooks
1st Assistant Presiding Bishop
Michigan, Northwestern Harvest Jurisdiction Bishop Rance Allen Detroit
Michigan, Southwest Agape Jurisdiction Bishop Isaac King, Jr. Inkster
Michigan, Southwest Third Jurisdiction Bishop Samuel Duncan Saginaw
Michigan, Western Jurisdiction Bishop N. Wyoming Wells, Jr.
General Board Member
Abundant Faith COGIC Pastor Amere May, Sr. South Haven
Abundant Harvest COGIC Pastor Willie S. Foster, III Ann Arbor
Abundant Life COGIC Pastor Duane Seats Benton Harbor
Abundant Life Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Anthony E. Houston Detroit
All Nation COGIC Pastor Vincent E. Matthews, Sr. Port Huron
Bethlehem COGIC Pastor Harrison LeMon, Jr. Battle Creek
Bibleway Outreach Ministries COGIC Pastor Bruce McCoy Grand Rapids
Brotherhood of All Nations COGIC Supt. James Atterberry, Sr. Benton Harbor
Excellency of Knowledge COGIC Pastor Delbert McFolley Detroit
Faith Evangelistic COGIC Supt. W.C. Askew, Sr. Benton Harbor
Faith Gospel Temple COGIC Supt. James E. Walker, Jr. Flint
Faith Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Walter Lang, Sr. Muskegon
Fellowship COGIC   Ecorse
First Holy Temple COGIC Pastor David Murray Detroit
First Pentecostal COGIC Pastor Elmer R. Hess, Sr. Battle Creek
Fountain COGIC Supt. Samuel Peppers Ann Arbor
Gethsemane COGIC Pastor Nathaniel Hollie Grand Rapids
Gethsemane Temple COGIC Pastor Eustice Williams Albion
Glad Tidings COGIC Supt. Robert D. Taylor, Sr. Detroit
God's Holy Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Anthony Starks Detroit
Gordy Memorial COGIC Pastor Daniel Grandberry River Rouge
Greater Calvary COGIC Pastor Herman Love Ypsilanti
Greater Coleman Temple COGIC Supt. Hurley J. Coleman, Jr. Saginaw
Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC Bishop J. Drew Sheard Detroit
Greater Ephesians COGIC Supt. Harold W. Jones, Sr. Vassar
Greater Faith Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Van L. Robins Detroit
Greater Light Temple COGIC Pastor Ronald C. Joplin Ann Arbor
Greater Love Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Steven Dunlap Detroit
Greater Pentecostal COGIC Bishop Fred Cunningham South Haven
Greater Prayer Garden COGIC Pastor Walter Jennings Bangor
Greater Shiloh Deliverance COGIC Pastor Melvin K. Jenkins Westland
Greater Williams Temple COGIC Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr. Saginaw
Guiding Light COGIC Pastor Victor B. Adams, Sr. Flint
Hammond's COGIC Pastor Ken Williams Detroit
Harris Memorial COGIC Pastor Eric C. Bogan Flint
Higher Dimensions COGIC Pastor Sammie L. Hall, Sr. Flint
Hill Memorial COGIC Bishop Michael Hill Dearborn
Holy Temple COGIC Pastor Amos W. Williams Kalamazoo
Holy Trinity Institutional COGIC Bishop Nathaniel Wells Jr.
General Board Member
House of Prayer COGIC Pastor Tony S. Marshall Detroit
Jackson Memorial Temple COGIC Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr. Flint
Jesus of Nazareth COGIC Supt. Aaron Milton Holt
Lansing COGIC Bishop Samuel Duncan, Jr. Lansing
Love Center Outreach COGIC Pastor Eddie E. Brown Saginaw
Love Joy COGIC Pastor Willie Walker Detroit
Michigan/Ontario Council of Bishops
Miracle Tabernacle COGIC Supt. Virgil L. Thomas Detroit
Mount of Olives COGIC Supt. Barry L. Pelt Detroit
Mt. Nebo COGIC Pastor James DeLee Detroit
New Gospel Temple COGIC Supt. Gerald A. Echols, Jr. Detroit
New Hope Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Gerry Boyd Belleville
New Jerusalem COGIC Bishop J.H. Sheard Detroit
New Life COGIC Pastor Robert Dean Grand Rapids
New Life Christian Outreach COGIC Pastor Pontiac
New Life Tabernacle COGIC Supt. Quintin Marshall Flint
New Life Tabernacle COGIC Pastor James C. Stokes Grand Rapids
New Life Community COGIC Pastor Rickey Smith Lansing
New Maclin Temple COGIC Pastor James M. Maclin, Jr. Detroit
New St. Paul COGIC Pastor Del Gregory Lansing
New St. Paul Tabernacle COGIC Bishop P.A. Brooks
1st Assistant Presiding Bishop
Open Door COGIC Supt. Alan R. Evans Detroit
Peace Temple COGIC Pastor Versie Flake Dowagiac
Pentecostal Temple COGIC Bishop Isaac King, Jr. Inkster
Power of the Word Worship Center COGIC Pastor Myron Knight Detroit
Prayer Chapel COGIC Pastor Jesse Cranford, III Detroit
Redeem COGIC Pastor Willie B. Jackson Detroit
Refreshing Fountains Outreach Ministry Mission COGIC Supt. Melvin Burton Benton Harbor
Renaissance COGIC Supt. Dennis McMurray Grand Rapids
Rewarding Faith COGIC Supt. Joseph W. Harris, Sr. Detroit
Rose of Sharon COGIC Supt. Ronald Griffin Detroit
Rose of Sharon COGIC Pastor Louis C. Knox, Sr. Saginaw
Saints City COGIC Bishop Jack Whitehead Romulus
Saints Temple COGIC Pastor Charles Williams, Sr. Detroit
Seasons of Change COGIC Pastor Ralph Cunningham Kalamazoo
Seth Temple COGIC Pastor Phillip Jackson Detroit
St. George Beth El COGIC Pastor George Kiel Flint
St. James COGIC Pastor John Smith Kalamazoo
St. James COGIC Pastor Melvin Lewis Ypsilanti
St. James Mission COGIC Pastor Lester Earl Johnson Battle Creek
Stephen Temple COGIC Supt. Theodore Colbert Mt. Clemens
Tabernacle COGIC Supt. C.G. Charles Kalamazoo
Unity Temple COGIC Pastor William Nichols, Sr. Benton Harbor
Victorious Believers Ministries COGIC Pastor Christopher Pryor Saginaw
Victory Way Assembly COGIC   Detroit
Walk in the Spirit Ministries COGIC Pastor Leon K. Shipman, Sr. Detroit
Walker Memorial COGIC Pastor Gregory Springer Detroit
Walls of Salvation COGIC Pastor Phillip Glymph Detroit
West Willow COGIC Pastor Roland Tooson Ypsilanti
Whole Truth COGIC Supt. Ernie M. McCutchen, Sr. Detroit
Williams Street COGIC Pastor Richard Chaney Detroit